The 20 Alternate ‘Yeezus’ CD Covers Kanye West Should’ve Used

Robert Anthony

Let us say: Kanye screwed up the album cover for ‘Yeezus.’ Come on, admit it. Sure, he took a different approach and tried to go minimal, as opposed to overboard, which a lot of artists unintentionally do these days. But at the end of the day, it’s just a piece of red orange tape, and no one knows what it means.

Yeah, it’s become iconic, and if you show it to someone who knows nothing, they can probably still tell you it’s a copy of ‘Yeezus.’ That’s just good marketing being good marketing.

There are a bunch of other things Kanye could have put on the cover instead of a naked CD and a sticker. If you heard anything from the album, you’ll understand this.

If you haven’t, there are still some familiar items that’ll make sense to you! Check out the 20 most luxurious things Kanye should’ve made his ‘Yeezus’ album cover.

20. A ‘damn massage’

19. His ‘other other Benz’

18. Virgin blood…on the leaves

17. A diamond compass

16. A ‘damn croissant’

15. A Bentley, a diamond chain and fur coat

14. A Hampton blouse

13. A $150 white ‘Hip Hop T-Shirt’ from his APC x Kanye collection

12. A Yeezus piece

11. Taylor Swift’s Kaufman Franco dress from the 2009 VMAs

10. Kim

9. His scratched Lamborghini Aventador

8. A Louis Vuitton bag from the ‘Louis Vuitton Don’ era

7. Maybach keys

6. A pink polo

5. A Lamborghini Countach

4. A scratched Corolla

3. Sweet and sour sauce (it’s all you need)

2. Red Yeezys

1. Magna Carta Holy Grail

Robert Anthony


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