The 20 Photos That Depict ‘The Good Life’ (Part 2)

Robert Anthony

We’re back again to take a blissful dive into the good life. Last week we showed you the 20 photos that depict the good life, and we’re back with part 2. From billion dollar yachts to hundred-thousand dollar cars, it’s no secret that there are a few essentials to obtaining “the good life.” You’re not going to live the good life if you’re pushing around a Prius and settling for mediocre girls/guys. It’s about the finer things in life that make you strive for the best. Everyone needs a little reminder from time to time…

To get the full experience, play ‘Good Life’ by Kanye West below while scrolling through.

20. It’s pretty nice to be able to hop into an Aston Martin after a long day.

19. You are the company you keep.

18. Surfer girls are basically “The Good Life” in a nutshell.

17. While experiencing “The Good Life,” you’re still bound to have problems – they’re just better than everyone else’s.

16. Smoke a cigar once in a while.

15. If you’re not smiling at all times, you’re doing it wrong.

14. The Ferrari 458 Italia is the official car of “The Good Life.”

13. Your weekend getaways should look a lot like this.

12. …And this.

11. Along with surfer girls, Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse yacht is “The Good Life” in a nutshell.

10. Beautiful women are a must-have.

9. Always travel in style. Nothing less than a LV duffle bag.

8. Why play video games when you can take your talents to the track?

7. When you’re living good, everyday is a celebration.

6. Your home reflects your quality of life.

5. …And so does your vacation home.

4. If you have a yacht without beautiful women on it, you’re not doing it right.

3. You should be able to jump into a pool wearing all Tom Ford and not care.

2. Timing is everything.

1. The harder you work, the more you’ll have. It’s a simple equation.

Robert Anthony



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