Uber-Trendy Apartment Design, Bulgaria

Uber-Trendy Apartment Design, Bulgaria
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Bulgarian interior designer practice Jovo Bozhinovski have completed an uber-trendy interior design project for a private client. Completed in 2010, the chic and stylish apartment oozes ultra modern chic.

Uber-Trendy Apartment Design, Bulgaria

According to the designer: “The owner of the property wanted to achieve a cold and minimalist atmosphere without the use of warm colours or materials. For this purpose we used materials such as fiberglass, lacquered MDF, technical stone, glass and metal.

“The contemporary Bulgarian apartment is only a 110 meters square, the first floor includes the kitchen, dining table and sitting area. On the second floor you can find the two bedrooms and bathroom.

Uber-Trendy Apartment Design, Bulgaria

The staircase was an important element in the design of the dwelling so we built a tall black fiberglass wall panel and centrally located vertical unit serving not only rail but also for lighting on the stairs.

Reflecting the wall surface created a feeling of glowing arch. On the second floor to this central element we opted to use glass for safety of the staircase design.

Uber-Trendy Apartment Design, Bulgaria

“The TV stand, lamp above the sofa, dining table, kitchen, staircase railings and furniture in the bedrooms were specially designed by us for the contemporary property in Bulgaria. We tried to to create a unique and incomparable atmosphere.”

Uber-Trendy Apartment Design, Bulgaria

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