Only Now Yacht

Only Now Yacht

The Only Now yacht is a luxury vessel that was completed last year by Tansu Yachts. Offering top-tier luxury standards, the Only Now yacht proves to be one of the most desired watercraft on the water.

Designed by Diana Yacht Design, the entire approach taken was from a minimalist point of view. We’re huge fans of minimal design. Everything looks cleaner, sleeker and in a way, different than the rest despite the lack of detail or color.

The guest cabins are situated on the lower deck and they can accommodate up to six people in excellent conditions. Aside from the starboard twin suite and VIP suite, there is also a lavish full-beam master suite to enjoy aboard Only Now.

The latter offers a huge stateroom with generous storage space and office area, a walk-in wardrobe, and separate bathrooms for him and her with a large central shower area.

While you’re aboard this stunning yacht, you’re going to want to take full advantage of the lavish sundeck and centrally-located lounge area. You can also get fit while you’re vacationing off the coast with the complete gym feature.

Only Now Yacht
Only Now Yacht
Only Now Yacht
Only Now Yacht
Only Now Yacht

Tom Cooper | Elite.

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