How To Use Elite Daily

How Do I comment?

To comment on a page, simply scroll to the bottom of a post. If the post has comments enabled, you can submit a comment in the designated commenting area.

Any job listings?

Job listings can be viewed at the Careers page. You can view job listings and directly apply within the job listing.

Contributor FAQ

Are There Any Rules When Commenting Through The Facebook Platform Of An Article?

We encourage our readers to comment and continue the discussion with our writers and community members. However, to foster an environment that is a safe space for all community members we ask our readers to be respectful of others and their opinions, regardless of whether they may differ.

How Do I Submit Tips Or Story Ideas Elite Daily?

Tips and story suggestions can be sent to for review by our editors.

How do I submit an error found in your content?

Corrections can be sent to us via the contact page. Please include the link of the article and the error present in the article. You can also send us a direct e-mail at

Are You Accepting Submissions?

Yes! Elite Daily welcomes all interested writers to apply for a Contributing Writer position by filling out the contribution form. The conribution form and more information on contributing writing can be found on the Contribute page.

I Submitted An Application To Contribute to Elite Daily. What Do I Do Now?

After submission your application will be reviewed by our editorial staff. If accepted, a member of our staff will reach out to you informing you of your acceptance and will follow with additional information.

Will my application be considered without a formal writing sample provided?

Generally, we would prefer that applicants include an example of published work with their applicants. However, exceptions will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Am i allowed to contribute to more than one publication?

Absolutely! However, Elite Daily only accepts original content on our site and does not republish content that has already been published on another site.

Do the writers receive compensation?

All Elite Daily contributors are currently unpaid.

Are there any topics i should write about?

As the Voice of Generation-Y, Elite Daily publishes a wide variety of content that runs the gamut of editorial topics. Content submissions can range from coverage of an exclusive event (see page 2 for more details); to a funny, entertainment centric LOL List; to gripping analysis of social and political issues.

Overall, we are looking for original content, analysis, and reporting of news relevant to Generation-Y, which can include:

Can I Cover Live Events?

Elite Daily typically only approves press credentials for staff writers. However, under special circumstances we may approve proposals from our contributors for coverage ideas.

How Will I Know If My Article Has Been Selected To Be Published?

If your pitch for an article has been approved to be published you will be informed via e-mail by your editor.

How Can I Apply For A Staff Writer Position?

On a case by case basis we do consider applications for full and part-time staff writer positions for contributors. Many current employees began their work with Elite Daily as frequent and successful contributors. Job listings are available on the Jobs page.