BlackBerry 10 L-Series Leaks Ahead Of Official Unveiling


We’ve always seen BlackBerries as absolutely hideous things. A bulky device with buttons everywhere, a landscape screen and sporting one of the ugliest UI’s.

RIM’s BlackBerry has been slow, and maybe even too late and getting their new set of devices and software ready.

However, here is what looks to be one of their upcoming devices and we must say: it’s actually gorgeous. Better than we ever expected. We’re thinking RIM may have finally hired some legitimate designers.

All we know at this point is that its obviously a touchscreen smartphone. No other main specs were available but it does look to support NFC, a removable battery, MicroSIM and MicroSD cards.

Check out the pictures and let us know if you feel like you might have to ditch your iPhone, Samsung or other smartphone for this sleek beauty upon it’s arrival.

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Chris Quinn | Elite.



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