The Hottest Celebrity Women Over 40

The Hottest Celebrity Women Over 40
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There are so few truths in this world. That is unfortunate; yet, in itself, is also true. Add one to the short list! It is just that nothing seems to be reliably honest or pure anymore. Are we at Elite just becoming disenchanted with age? Cue Holden Caulfield. However, one of life’s many intricate, true secrets will never change—so as long as man walks this Earth. It will always remain true, and reliably provide a consistent source of reassurance.

One of the indisputable facts in humanity’s existence is that men will always love hot women. In fact, men love hot women so much that the dreaded 40th birthday cannot even deter us from our devoted affection—like the siren songs beckoning Odysseus, but without all the ropes and wax in his ears.

To prove our undying love for these distinguished and elegant hotties, we here at Elite put together a list of some the most attractive female celebrities Forty, hot-ass years and older. You’re welcome.

10. Jennifer Connelly—41

Mental image number one: Jen’s bodacious sweater meat making a proud impression on audiences in “Requiem for a Dream,” and a short list of her other films with bare chest scenes. In the best Borat voice anyone can muster, those scenes can be summed up with a succinct, “NICE! I LIKE!” Ms. Connelly, we respect you as an actress and as a woman. You have had a solid career in Hollywood and seem like a genuine, good person. But, honestly, none of that matters when we see you in a movie because we are only thinking about one thing…and that thing is not your character.


9. Jennifer Lopez—42

It is markedly respectable how J.Lo has handled the aging process and the fast-fading light that is her music career. She has made a successful transition as a judge on American Idol, one of TV’s most popular shows. She also guest stars on widely viewed sitcoms. She may have lost some of the musical flare she once possessed, but she still has that million-dollar-ass. And honestly, that’s enough for us.


8. Halle Berry—45

It’s not like anyone with a computer and a browser that goes to “XVideos” does not know the exact scene in “Swordfish” where this Academy Award winning actress blesses audiences with her amazing naked rack. Okay, suckers, it’s at the 38-minute mark. Don’t judge…


7. Sandra Bullock—47

We are going to change it up a little here. While Bullock is certainly attractive, she is by no means breath takingly beautiful, or oozing with sexuality. Scratch the oozing that’s gross. Instead, we are basing this judgment for the Nice Guys out there. Nice guys award females extra point for great personalities. Have you ever seen an interview with Sandra Bullock? She seems like the coolest chick ever. She dated Jesse James. A self admitted former pot smoker. And she has a sharp sense of humor? We definitely wouldn’t mind getting to know her. And, you know, know her…


6. Salma Hayek—45

Easily one of the top celebrity crushes to the dismay of any girlfriend, Salma Hayek simply has it going on. She comes complete with an incredible body, beautiful face and a sexy accent to top it all off. Middle age has certainly been good to her.


5. Marisa Tomei—47

Marisa Tomei is a talented actress who brings depth to the supporting female role. She has a very unique look that would not constitute as traditionally beautiful, but definitively possesses sex appeal. She also gets a boost for appearing nude in a handful of movies. Well played, Marisa, well played. [Editor’s note: We forgive Marissa for almost sleeping with George Costanza in an episode of Seinfeld]


4. Elizabeth Hurley—46

A British bombshell, Hurley made a successful move out of the treacherous transition from television to film. We definitely have to give her props for being the first beautiful sidekick Austin Powers ever seduced. Hurley is flat out gorgeous, and yet former husband Hugh Grant still cheated on her…with a prostitute. The man should be stoned for his insolence!


3. Monica Bellucci—47

To quote the great, wise Billy Madison, “Soooo hot. Want to touch the hiney.” Most of you only know this Italian fox from her role as the Frenchman’s wife in The Matrix trilogy. Her entry on this list can be surmised by one specific scene. During the last installment, Neo’s crew confronts the Frenchman at his bizarreo sex club (Side Note: Must have been awkward to be an extra decked out in full S&M gear for that shoot.) The two sides are negotiating in what is supposed to be a tense and dramatic scene. Instead of paying attention, every single male in watching ignores the tediously awful dialogue and pays full attention to Bellucci’s bulging chest; which is heroically fighting a winning battle against the three inches of cloth meant to conceal her twins. Heads literally dropped to the bottom right of the screen (primary boob location) during viewings. All of this resulted in countless girlfriends getting pissed off in theatres as Monica Bellucci cemented her status as one serious cougar.


2. Christie Brinkley—58

Brinkley is a goddess. Not only is the radiant mother of three a photographer’s dream, she is also a fervent supporter of animal rights and the Democratic Party. Again, she is a Goddess. No one has ever looked better on a Sports Illustrated cover either. Seriously, she was on it four times during her day! Now at 58, she is showing that her beauty is truly timeless.


1. Jennifer Anniston—43

Sure she was cute in that horrible 90’s sitcom Friends, when we knew her as Rachel; however, it wasn’t until she started starring on the big screen that we really started to take notice. Who can forget the Bruce Almighty scene, where she was orgasming in the restroom? Or when she was riding Ben Stiller in Along Came Polly? We sure have not. I would say that Brad Pitt is a fool for leaving her, but due to his unusual circumstances he still wins. We still love Jennifer and laud her for looks.

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images

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