Pamela V Superyacht

Pamela V Superyacht

One of the best things that ever happened at the Hakvoort Shipyards was the recent completion and official launch of the stunning Pamela V superyacht. This is a luxurious 45-meter (147-foot) vessel with a beautiful exterior by Diana Yacht Design, and chic interiors by Jacques Grange.

Pamela V Superyacht

A remarkable combination of retro and contemporary design styles give the yacht a sober yet inviting feel. Top-notch entertainment systems and first-rate relaxation features contribute to a wonderful yachting experience for everybody onboard. The main saloon is an elegant, colonialist-style space that’s ideal for socializing or just relaxing in a luxe ambiance.

Pamela V Superyacht

The most spectacular area on the vessel is the owner’s area, lavishly furnished and fitted with high-end amenities. His and hers bathrooms with sand-tone marble and anthracite finishes, two walk-in wardrobes, and a library, these are just some of the things that make the owner’s quarters irresistible.

Pamela V Superyacht

In all, there is enough space on the yacht for up to 12 people, including the owner. Ten more staff members can be accommodated on the Pamela V, in a special area dedicated to the crew.

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