Pharrell Williams Puts Miami Penthouse Up For Sale

Pharrell Williams Puts Miami Penthouse Up For Sale
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Want to live like a star? Here is a chance to purchase the lavish home of an acclaimed American rapper, together with a long list of staggering amenities. It’s an approximately 9,000-square-foot penthouse duplex in Miami, Florida, which used to make an excellent home for famous Pharrell Williams, aka Kidult.

Pharrell Williams Puts Miami Penthouse UP For Sale

With 5 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms, this is not only a huge dwelling, it’s also staked with high-end features that span 3 floors.

Pharrell Williams Puts Miami Penthouse UP For Sale

Probably the best feature of the penthouse is its “reverse fishbowl” character, as Pharrell himself calls it. It flaunts unobstructed 360-degree views that can be admired through huge windows and glass walls.

Pharrell Williams Puts Miami Penthouse UP For Sale

Some other remarkable features include a main room with three-story high ceilings, plenty of custom built-ins all around the house, wood and granite floors, second level pool, and wonderful pool terraces with an irresistible tropical charm.

Pharrell Williams Puts Miami Penthouse UP For Sale

All this is currently on the market with an asking price of $16.8 million.

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