Vicem 107 Moni Superyacht

Vicem 107 Moni Superyacht

Vicem 107 Moni is a superyacht for lovers of understated luxury. It has a simple, traditional exterior design, based on classic shapes and lines. 

No one can guess just how lavish the vessel really is, so in order to truly appreciate it, one must step onboard and discover its beauty from up close.

Vicem 107 Moni Superyacht

Successfully combining tradition with state-of-the-art technologies and an alluring contemporary style, the yacht offers a high level of comfort and travelling pleasure.

Vicem 107 Moni Superyacht

With a warm tones and luxe materials, Vicem 107 Moni is a very hospitable vessel that offers perfectly welcoming ambiance. It is ideal for family vacations or large groups of friends, as it can accommodate ten people in total comfort.

Vicem 107 Moni Superyacht

The staterooms include two VIP cabins, two doubles, and a lavish master’s suite. The latter boasts a spacious walk-in wardrobe, leather-clad desk, luxe en-suite bathroom, wide windows, and many more special amenities.

Vicem 107 Moni Superyacht

The exteriors are also wonderful, as they include a wet bar on the sun deck, plus a large Jacuzzi, comfy sun lounges, and a great spot for alfresco dining. Measuring 32.5 meters (approx. 106 feet) in length, this superyacht is an excellent choice for a luxe vacation.

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