10 Things That Were Definitely Made For Stoners

Julian Sonny

The life of the stoner is another life in itself. There are different rules, different shows and definitely different food. The man who blazes lives in his own world, and like the real world, there are advantages and disadvantages.

Anyone who has smoked before knows that certain things just work better when you’re high, like sex and movies. And as one begins to smoke more, they begin to realize that many of the things stoners love must have been made by people who smoke.

All those things you love – Cheetos, action movies,¬†lava lamps –¬†could not have been created for anyone but a fan of the reefer. It just makes no sense. So, in anticipation of tonight’s blunt, here are ten things that were definitely made for stoners.

Shark Week

Quentin Tarantino Films

Silly Putty

George Foreman Grills


Burning Man

Bean Bags


Hot Pockets




Top Photo Courtesy of: Tumblr

Julian Sonny


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