You Won’t Believe How Much These 14 Hairless Cats Look Like Vladimir Putin

Tyler Gildin

In Mother Russia, cat is people….

We’ve done a decent amount of coverage on Vladimir Putin, the eccentric Russian leader who we can’t decide if we fear, or find somewhat hilarious. First, there was the whole scandal that he allegedly stole New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl ring, then he told critics of Russia’s tactics at the World University Games “to try some Viagra and then life would get better,” and now we’ve come across some interesting images from Foreign Policy’s Elizabeth F. Ralph┬áthat are too funny not to share.

Hairless cats that look identical to Vladimir Putin. Literally, these images are so spot on, you might, for just a second, actually think that the Russian President is actually a descendant of hairless cats. Don’t believe us? See for yourselves:

The Bug-Eyes

The Facebook Default

The Vat Are You Looking At?

The Emotionless

The I’m About To Kill You

The Mr. Hollyvood

The Squeezing Out The Fart Face

The I Just Got Away With Fart Face

The You Don’t Like My Fart Face?

The Silhouette

The Oh, Poor Baby

The I’m Coming To Get You

The Vinter Vonderland

The I Come To Suck Your Blood

Identical, right!? Oh Putin, you silly, silly man!

Though part of me feels like this image might describe the hairless cat/Putin relationship the best:

(Images via Foreign Policy)

Tyler Gildin