The 15 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Your Spring Break Experience

The 15 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Your Spring Break Experience
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After months of preparation and copious charges on your parents’ credit card, spring break has finally arrived. You are extremely excited and cannot wait to get to your destination to go to pool parties with a bunch of hot, horny, drunk girls. Spring Break is one big f*ckfest and it is your chance to sleep with as many people as possible.

Spring break gives us a chance to let loose and forget all about our responsibilities. Can life really get any better than being surrounded by hot girls on an all inclusive trip with unlimited alcohol and food?

Here are The 15 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Your Spring Break Experience.

Eddie Cuffin | Elite.

  • 15. How you feel in your last class before spring break.

  • 14. Forgetting about all the work you have due after spring break.

  • 13. The moment you land at your destination.

  • 12. The excitement on your face that everything is all inclusive.

  • 11. When you see that white girl that is way too sunburnt for her own good.

  • 10. You and your friends feeling like you run shit at the pool.

  • 9. The way you feel after drinking tequila all day under the hot sun.

  • 8. The first time you see a live wet t-shirt contest.

  • 7. The moment you think you've fallen in love with a girl from another country.

  • 6. The moment you find out the girl you've fallen in love with has already slept with your friend.

  • 5. When that big girl that shouldn't be twerking, twerks in front of everyone.

  • 4. The moment you realize you only have $5 left to your name.


  • 3. The moment you realize the tequila and molly made you have unprotected sex with a girl you met on spring break.

  • 2. The moment you get back home and reality hits.

  • 1. The moment you realize you don't want to have a daughter because of what you saw on spring break.

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Eddie Cuffin

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