15 Questions We Have About Ben Affleck Playing The New Batman

Tyler Gildin

Last night, the Twitterverse practically exploded with Warner Bros. announcement that actor Ben Affleck will play the next Batman in the upcoming Zack Snyder film set to be released in July of 2015.

That’s right, Affleck will be replacing Christian Bale as the caped crusader in a film that will feature both Batman and Superman on the same screen for the first time ever. Naturally there were those who supported the decision to go with Affleck, and those who hated it. That’s what America is all about!

We here at Elite Daily aren’t quite sure how we feel about the news yet. We still have a ton of questions. Here are the 15 questions we have about Ben Affleck playing the new Batman:

Will Matt Damon play Cat Woman?

Will Batman have a Boston accent?

Will Batman still have an inexplicably deep, raspy voice?

Will Jennifer Garner play Rachel Dawes?

Will there be an extensive workout scene like in every movie?

Will Gotham City be shot in Boston?

Will Batman be blind like Dare Devil?

Is this all just a joke?

Will Michael Caine Still play Alfred?

*If not, we REFUSE to see the movie.

Will Liam Neeson find a way to wind up in this movie, too?

Will Harvey Dent somehow become resurrected so he can yell “RACHELLL! RACHELLLLL?”

Will Bruce Wayne have a younger brother trying to follow in his footsteps?

Will Batman accidentally wind up with a dead hooker?

Will Pitbull make an appearance?


Is this movie going to be a complete bust?

Tyler Gildin


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