15 Ridiculous Rolling Stone Cover Stars That Would Be Less Offensive Than Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Tyler Gildin

Yesterday, Rolling Stone released the image for the cover of their upcoming August addition and people were outraged. Somehow the people at the iconic magazine thought it was a wise decision to put Boston Bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, on the front cover.

I’m not sure what drugs the people at Rolling Stone are on, but I want nothing to do with them. What a bunch of idiots! How could people have possibly, in any state of mind, actually thought this was a GOOD idea!? I’m not one to be offended easily, but I was beyond enraged by this insensitive decision and want nothing but the worst for the magazine. Bunch of jabronees!

(Insert deep breath and glass of water).

We at Elite Daily decided to come up with some other options for absurd front covers that were STILL more acceptable than the offensive cover they chose.

Here are 15 ridiculous Rolling Stone cover stars that would have been less offensive than Dzhokhar Tsarnaev:

Paula Deen “The Racist”

Manti Te’o “The Catfish”

Farrah Abrahams “The Hoe”

Edward Snowden “The Whistleblower”

Kim Jong-Un “The Dictator”

Lance Armstrong “The Liar”

Baine (The Dark Knight Rises) “The Villain”

Honey Boo Boo “The Monster”

Justin Bieber “The Douche”

Abu Nazir (Homeland) “The Terrorist”

¬†Amanda Bynes “The Psycho”

¬†Pitbull “The Everywhere”

Tywin Lannister “The Hand”

North West “The Baby”

Aaron Hernandez “The Idiot”


Tyler Gildin