‘I Swear, This Is My Last Time': The 20 Times You Almost Quit Smoking Weed

Lauren Martin

We’ve all experienced at least one prophetic moment when we tell ourselves that we are done smoking weed. That’s it, no more, I’m done…Of course, that moment is usually fleeting and soon forgotten, fluttering into a distant memory as soon as the guy to left passes you the joint again.

But for that one moment, you saw things very clearly. You were sure to God that you would never smoke again. You knew that your life had to change.

As we get older and life starts getting harder and faster (that’s what she said), these moments of shame seem to occur more often. So here’s a list of then 20 times you almost quit smoking.

When You Had Too Many Edibles

When You Got Lost In Amsterdam

When You Find Out The Job You Want Requires A Drug Test

When You Tried Smoking Before Work

When You Start Working Out Again For The First Time

When People Tell You That You Smell Like Weed But You Haven’t Smoked Today

When You Realize Your Lack Of Fine Motor Skills

When You Wake Up Next To A McDonald’s Bag

When Your Little Sister Asks Why You Are Always Squinting

When You’re Spending More Money On Weed Than On Groceries

When You’re Irritable Because You Haven’t Smoked

When Someone Calls You A Hippie

When You Broke Your Bong

 When You Can’t Go Anywhere Without Red Eye

 When You’re Sober And See The People You’ve Been Smoking With

When You Know More Than Your Dealer

When Finding Bud Is Your Top Priority

When You Start Hating Everyone

When You Take Food To A Restaurant

When You Got Arrested

Lauren Martin