30 People Who Miserably Failed The Ice Bucket Challenge And Should Have Just Donated

30 People Who Miserably Failed The Ice Bucket Challenge And Should Have Just Donated
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If the Ice Challenge hasn’t yet hit its peak, it’s only a matter of time before we run out of people who haven’t doused themselves in ice water, paid money to get out of doing it or made a status update about how stupid the trend is, despite the millions of dollars that it’s raised.

Unlike previous fads, like selfies and “Frozen,” its impossible to argue that the Ice Bucket Challenge hasn’t has a positive impact on the world, but the reality is that it’s only a matter of time before it gets beaten into the ground like every other trend before it.

Part of that positive impact has to do with the funds and awareness raised for ALS, but it’s also provided the world with an incredible amount of entertainment thanks to people who tried to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, but somehow managed to screw it up.

I’ve previously posted a few of these in video form, but they’re infinitely more enjoyable on repeat for eternity. The Ice Bucket Challenge might be getting a little old, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get tired of watching people screw it up.

The cap was on the Jameson, but that other part wasn’t staged


Drive-bys are so much harder when you forget about physics


A helmet can only do so much


It’s all fun and games until someone shatters a vertebra


“Watch out for that cool… nevermind”


The Ice Bucket Challenge meets “QWOP”


The struggle is the realest


Upper body strength is your friend


Exhibit B


And C


And D, for those of you who want it


“Let’s put a trashcan on the roof! What can go wrong? Oh. That.”


In fact, heights, in general, aren’t the best idea

ice bucket deck fail

At least try to hold on to whatever container you’re using


It’s a good idea to make sure the ice isn’t a solid chunk


Taking it out of the bag helps, too


It’s like a do-it-yourself concussion kit


For those of you thinking about using Styrofoam coolers: Stop


It was probably just his superhuman strength


If you’re going to be doing the pouring, it’s best to avoid hitting people in the face with the bucket


Holding on to it is also a good idea


Reminder: Bathtubs are slippery


Use caution


Falling isn’t only a concern for the person on the receiving end


Coordination is key


Chairs can be so confusing sometimes


The self-knockout actually deserves some credit


Sitting down should be the easiest part of the Ice Bucket Challenge


At least everyone else put in a little bit of effort


Aaaaaand curtains!


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