The 42 Signs That She’s Too Ratchet For You

The 42 Signs That She’s Too Ratchet For You
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It is safe to say that the women of today are far different than any generation before us. Thanks to social media and popular culture there is now a new breed of provocative and vulgar young ladies who are beginning to contaminate the world with their idiocy.

I am of course talking about ratchet hoes. These are the girls who literally make all of us dumber, but for some strange reason we continue to bang.

This can be accredited to a lack of knowledge when it comes to identifying them, so we have decided to raise awareness and help you recognize their traits before it is too late.

These are the 42 signs that she’s too ratchet for you.

42. She wears a nameplate necklace.

41. She rocks Jordan heels.

40. She has script tattoos or any other stripper tattoo on her back.

39. She wears jersey dresses.

38. She wears fake nails that can cut your dick.

37. She types like an imbecile.

36. Her ideal date is getting Cheddar Bay Biscuits at Red Lobster.

35. She takes her shoes off at the club.

34. She goes to Greenhouse on Tuesdays.

33. She can body an entire Chipotle burrito.

32. She knows the words to every 2 Chainz song.

31. She speaks in acronyms.

30. Her Facebook name has nothing to do with her real name.

29. She Instagrams every meal.

28. Her hair is a different color everyday.

27. She claps when she’s angry.

26. She treats STDs like Pokemon and catches them all.

25. She still has a text signature.

24. Her Twitter location is “In Your Man’s Pants”.

23. She only has eye liner on her lower eye.

22. You can hear her coming before you see her.

21. She watches or has been on Maury.

20. She pops a molly at 6 am.

19. She wears pocketless jeans.

18. Her hair is curly and her extentions are straight.

17. She never wears panties.

16. She wears clear high heels.

15. You can see her thong before her ass.

14. She owns a blackberry.

13. She shops at Rainbow for clothes.

12. She smells like Chef Boyardee.

11. She looks way too tan for the winter.

10. She wears butt pads.

9. She wears animal print anything.

8. She carries around Hidden Valley ranch dressing in her purse.

7. She has taken a champagne facial.

6. They know her by name at the abortion clinic.

5. She has tried to buy condoms with food stamps.

4. She looks back at it.

3. Her number of sexual partners is higher than her IQ.

2. She enjoys anal more than yoga.

1. She can twerk better than she can read.

Top Photo Credit: Tumblr

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