The 50 Most Annoying Things White People Do

The 50 Most Annoying Things White People Do
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This is a white man’s world;

And unfortunately these daily run ins have set forth some rather irritating mannerisms that we are subjected to. Their stories will never cease to amaze you and their actions are even more bewildering. These are the 50 most annoying things white people do.

The 50 Most Annoying Things White People Do

Eddie Cuffin | Elite.

  • 50. They drink milk at dinner

  • 49. They are offended easily

  • 48. They put themselves at unecessary risk by going skydiving

  • 47. They enjoy watching NASCAR

  • 46. They say racist things without knowing

  • 45. They go to the mall for fun

  • 44. They take dumb family photos

  • 43. They think they can dance

  • 42. They spend money like on unnecessary shit

  • 41. They demand public apologies

  • 40. They become vegans and vegetarians

  • 39. They over-articulate themselves when angry

  • 38. They try to get you to like shit on Facebook

  • 37. They always check to see noises in scary movies

  • 36. They improperly use slang terms

  • 35. They wear stupid accessories like it's cool

  • 34. They go hunting on their free time

  • 33. They overpack when traveling

  • 32. They are extremely conservative

  • 31. They put their heads in alligator's mouth

  • 30. They swim with sharks

  • 29. They always want to tell people how to spend their money

  • 28. They constantly get divorced

  • 27. They ask too many questions in class

  • 26. They are annoying neighbors

  • 25. They put up way too many holiday decorations

  • 24. They think they are sport experts

  • 23. They hire nannies then wonder why their kids are messed up when they grow up

  • 22. They join frats in college

  • 21. They over-medicate their kids

  • 20. They always over-tip

  • 19. They think Tosh.O, Russell Brand and Dane Cook are funny

  • 18. They take theater arts as a major

  • 17. They all drive Volvos

  • 16. They like to eat hummus

  • 15. They overanalyze fun ideas

  • 14. They take steroids but don't play sports

  • 13. They think they know how to solve all your life problems

  • 12. They actually sign petitions

  • 11. They have tried every drug at least once

  • 10. They complain about it being too hot or cold

  • 9. They take wasted photos of themselves

  • 8. They try to throw up gang signs to be funny

  • 7.They think they know everything about hip-hop

  • 6. They actually forward chain emails

  • 5. They are born with flat asses

  • 4. They pride themselves on knowing obscure facts

  • 3. They draw on each other when they are passed out wasted

  • 2. All of their grandmothers look like Paula Deen

  • 1. They think their parents hate them

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Eddie Cuffin

Eddie Cuffin likes to stir up controversy. He is the persona of a man who gets the people talking, with his cynical and satirical take on New York City and American culture.

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