A Classic Tune About Christian Girls Who Love Anal Sex (Video)

Definitely a song you don’t want to sing in church.

This hilarious music video about “good Christian girls” who, instead of losing their virginities before marriage, have found a loophole: anal sex. If there’s a video to wake you up this morning, it’s this one. With the harmony of a classic Broadway show, combined with the gruesomeness of an episode of “South Park,” this video is pretty much “The Book Of Mormon” meets the butthole.

“F*ck me in the ass because I love Jesus” may be the greatest line of all time, in any song.

This song may CROSS the line a bit, but it truly is f*cking hilarious. But you probably shouldn’t show this to your grandparents if they’re very religious…

(via Huffington Post)

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Tyler Gildin

Digital Editor