Bill Nye The Selfie Guy? Everyone’s Favorite TV Scientist Loves Taking Selfies

Tyler Gildin

Yesterday we had the privilege of doing an interview segment with Gen-Y’s favorite TV scientist of all time: Bill Nye The Science Guy. Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

Not only did we discuss some great topics from his on air career, to the science of twerking (video to drop soon), but we actually learned something very interesting about him, he loves to take selfies. That’s right, Bill Nye The Science Guy is in fact a “selfie guy.”

We did some research (a.k.a we looked through his Twitter and Instagram) and our selfie suspicions were confirmed.

The escalator selfie

The airport selfie

The parade selfie

The pizza selfie

The back stage selfie

The on-stage selfie

The Earth Day selfie

The graduation selfie

The panel selfie

The empty boardroom selfie (classic!)

The happy group selfie

The ABC selfie

The American selfie

The party selfie

The rehearsal selfie

The Elite Daily’s Molly Bea Social Selfie

We’ve come to the conclusion that every photo should have Bill Nye’s face in the right corner! If you thought Bill was the man already, how about now?

Stay tuned for the full interview to drop in the coming weeks. Selfie’s Rule!

Photos Courtesy of Bill Nye’s Twitter

Tyler Gildin


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