Breaking Discovery: Robin Thicke Has Ken Doll Arms

Tyler Gildin

Breaking news! Alert the media! Robin Thicke is actually a life-size Ken doll!

It has recently been discovered that singer/song-writer and former twerk object of Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, has arms that very much resemble those of Barbie’s plastic soulmate, Ken. The discovery was first made by Reddit user goldenpath223 and we did some research to confirm his claims.

Everyone says celebrities are made of plastic, but is Thicke literally just a plastic doll?? Don’t believe us? See the hilarious images for yourself:

Here’s Ken…

Here’s Robin…

See the similarities!?



And again…

It’s official, Robin Thicke 100 percent has Ken doll arms

But does he have a Ken penis? Now that’s the question!

Photos Credit: WENN

Tyler Gildin

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