You Won’t Believe What This Dude Did With His Chiptole Burrito Bowl (Video)

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There’s a certain breed of people who can eat a tuna sandwich on a crowded bus or pick their nose in a public waiting room. There is a certain amount of pride and self respect that these people just don’t have. This guy licking the bottom of his Chipotle bowl is one of those people.

In a way, I really respect a man like this. A man who has no shame, who is confident enough in himself and his burrito bowl to defy societal norms and all social graces. I wish I could be like this — I’d get way more out of my Chipotle if I had the balls to lick the tinfoil.

H/T: Total Frat Move

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Lauren Martin

Lauren “LMoney” Martin grew up with one goal: to be the first woman engineer. Upon finding out there were women engineers already, she chose to study advertising at Penn State University, which led to an attempt at acting and ended in a career as a comedy writer.

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