From Russia With… WTF?! Volume II (Photos)

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It’s no secret that Russia and the United States have a rocky relationship. From the Cold War to communism — we really don’t get along. We compete in everything that we do: the Olympics, sending people/ probes to space, and even in the media.

As you saw in our previous post, From Russia With… WTF?! Volume I, there are some cultural differences that may lend to a misunderstanding between the two super powers. Here is volume II of this series. Hopefully this helps clear up some of the grey area, so that we may eventually learn to appreciate Russian culture.

No this isn’t a scene from a movie; in Russia, people actually load guns in the subway.

Russians are very resourceful — home improvements can be made with just about anything.

Who needs a dog when you can walk a toy truck?

Even cops are allowed to have a siesta.

In Russia, you can never be too safe, tree stumps and bungee cords make the perfect ‘safe parking zone.’

Forget gum and cologne, all public bathrooms come with a complimentary bottle of vodka.

Why use a mechanical plow, when you have your son and a broken bike to plow your fields?

 Porta potty? Anyone?

And this is where the street painters finished their bottle of vodka.

Safety precautions?…What’s that!?

In Russia, modern day architecture utilizes public street space for residential buildings.

Does anyone need a moving service?

Who knew a cone would make the perfect outhouse accommodation?

In Russia, they have a man-powered towing system.

The latest fashion includes cabbage hats.

Russia’s anti-terrorist mechanism.

Silly Americans, who needs a pick up truck when you have rope?

This is one choppa Arnold would not want to get to.

What can be more entertaining than showjumping Russian style?

Ovens are no longer used for women to cook.

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