The 15 Questions We Have About The Government Shutdown Described In Memes

Lauren Martin

The government shutdown means a lot of things. But whatever those things are, memes always describe situations best.

Whether you are a young millennial just learning your rights, or a housewife who never finished college, it’s time to start getting involved and asking questions.

Here’s a list of all the questions we have about the recent government shutdown presented by memes.

Does that mean no school?

Will It Affect Our Internet Access?

 What’s Obama’s Role In This?

 Should It Feel Any Different?

Will Nicholas Cage Make An Appearance?

Should We Do Something?

Will Grocery Stores Be Affected?

What Programs Are Government Funded?

Is This Something Everyone Is Gonna Be Talking About?

Is It A Bigger Deal Than It Feels Like?

Is Everyone Going To Make This A Big Deal?

 Who Is It Really Going To Affect?

Will This Be As Uninteresting As The Presidential Debates?

Could This Be A Good Thing?

Is There Gonna Be A Party For This?

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Lauren Martin