Desperate Guy Fakes His Own Death Just To Get A Girl To Respond To His Texts (Photos)

Desperate Guy Fakes His Own Death Just To Get A Girl To Respond To His Texts (Photos)
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There aren’t many things more frustrating than people who can’t take a hint, especially when it means they’re constantly blowing up your phone in a desperate attempt to eventually have sex with you.

After a week or eight without a reply, most people realize that things aren’t going to work out and move on with their lives — but most of those people are reasonable human beings.

Others refuse to let go, no matter how futile their attempts may be, with some taking things to another level entirely.

In this case, “another level” involves faking your death via text message in the hopes someone will respond to you.

Twitter user @Immaculate_Ice was unfortunate (or lucky) enough to be on the receiving end of this stunt, and even though it’s objectively idiotic, the guy deserves a little bit of credit for the ingenuity.

Nothing is up and nothing will ever be up, Cordell.


Well, that certainly took an unexpected turn.


Only a terrible person would lie about something like this, right?


Oh, that’s right — Cordell is a terrible person.


At least he tried.


H/T: Bro Bible, Photos Courtesy: Twitter

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