Hump Day Hump Of The Day: Miley Cyrus

Tyler Gildin

Let’s face it, Wednesdays kind of suck. It’s not exactly the beginning of the week, but it’s not close enough to the weekend yet. Not to mention the word Wednesday itself is so freaking weird. What idiot ever thought to spell it like that?

So considering it’s an uphill battle getting over the hump of Wednesdays, a.k.a. Hump Days, we’ve decided to bring you a new edition: Hump Day Hump Of The Day. Every Wednesday, we’ll pick out a different sexy celebrity — whether singer, actress, model, etc — that every guy would love to hump. Get it!? We know, it’s brilliant.

So who better to launch Hump Day Hump Of The Day with than one of the biggest young stars today, Miley Cyrus. Having just released her newest video “We Can’t Stop” last week, one of the sexiest yet strangest videos we’ve seen in a while, Miley has been practically everywhere shaking that fine booty. And we can’t get enough of it.

Twerking at the Juicy J Show

Shaking it in her newest video

Showing us some girl-love

Some more girl love

Even Barbie got some love…

Who doesn’t love a nice boob adjustment?

Reminds me of dancing back in the day at teen clubs


That’s a tongue you don’t see every day

And there it goes again

Ever wish you were a bed so badly?

Hello boner

Back and forth, back and forth….

Up and down, up and down…

Yea, pretty much everyone wants a piece of Miley

We hope you enjoyed this first edition of Hump Day Hump Of The Day.

You may now put your erections in the up-tuck position.

Tyler Gildin