It’s The Weekend In GIFS!

Tyler Gildin

It’s been a long week, but finally it’s over! We did it!

After a five-day work week and slaving for the boss, it’s finally the weekend and time to celebrate. It’s time to take off the suit, pick up some liquor, jump in a quick shower, peep the Facebook and head out for the night. But make sure you do it right.

Get excited…

…but make sure you stay humble.

Get a little frisky…

…but don’t get too crazy.

Find yourself a little angel…

…but don’t get too greedy.

Poor yourself a drink…

…but don’t get too sloppy,

…or you might do something stupid.

So celebrate!

Throw a few high fives.

And enjoy the weekend!

Get yours!

Have a great weekend Gen-Y!

Tyler Gildin