Legend Recreates Girls’ Photos On Tinder And Actually Looks Better Than They Do (Photos)

Legend Recreates Girls’ Photos On Tinder And Actually Looks Better Than They Do (Photos)
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Tinder is the public transportation of dating platforms: The fact that anyone can use it is a beautiful thing, but the lack of exclusivity means you’re probably going to see some things you wish you hadn’t.

Jarrod Allen has spent a fair amount of time swiping his way around Australia, and the profile pictures he came across inspired him to do something more than simply swiping right as many times as possible and seeing which corny pickup lines worked the best.

Instead, the Tinderer decided to recreate some of his favorite photos, posting the results to an Instagram account called Tinderella. Each is truly a sight to behold.

“Is it cold in here or is it just my nipples?”


They’re both actually beer bellies


I think he wore it better


This is a normal way to drink wine


The recreation needs more sideboob


That’s a rubber fist, not a rubber penis, but I guess I’ll let this one slide


Jarrod pooped himself a little bit when taking this picture


You can’t go wrong with jungle-print (that’s a lie)


For some reason, “tasteful” was the first thing to come to mind


That’s not how your iron. It is, however, how you get a skin graft.


“Art” personified


Rectangle eyebrows are in this season


I like his hat better


The boats really tie the scene together


I’ll take “People Who Tried Too Hard” for $400, Alex


This pic is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S


Close enough


Photos Courtesy: Imgur

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