Make Sure Your Old Boss Doesn’t Hate You Before Asking For A Recommendation (Photo)

Connor Toole

People pay professionals hundreds of dollars to figure out the perfect way to list skills and experiences on their résumés, but it’s honestly not super important when it comes to getting a job.

It certainly helps to be qualified, but it helps even more to know someone who can vouch for you.

Letters of recommendation have always been held in fairly high regard by the people who matter, even though it’s assumed that most people only ask someone they know will give them a glowing endorsement.

After all, you’d have to be an idiot to ask for someone’s help unless you were sure he or she was on your side — or so you’d think.

An Australian man known only as Ryan asked Cash Converters, his previous employer, for a letter of reference in an attempt to land whatever kind of job you get after working at a pawnshop for multiple years.

(Based on the recent trend, it’s probably a television show on The History Channel.)

Unfortunately for Ryan, his former boss wasn’t exactly glad to see him go.


Photo Courtesy: Imgur

Connor Toole


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