The Man Who Does The ‘Mario Bros’ Voices Has A Hilarious And Bizarre Instagram

The Man Who Does The ‘Mario Bros’ Voices Has A Hilarious And Bizarre Instagram
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You might not recognize Charles Martinet by name, but you’d probably recognize his voice — or voices.

Martinet first burst into the public’s consciousness when he provided the voice of the titular character in Mario 64.

Since then, he’s been the only man Nintendo trusts to voice Mario — its most famous piece of intellectual property — and he’s also voiced Luigi, Waluigi and Wario.

If you had to guess what the voice of Mario did with his free time, would your answer involve taking tiny plastic dolls of the characters he voices and acting out nonsensical scenarios on Instagram?

If, for some reason, that’s what you envisioned, you’re exactly right.

The videos are either a testament to how much Martinet loves his job, or they’re a cry for help from someone enslaved by tiny plastic Nintendo characters. I’ll let you come to your own conclusion.

Luigi might have murdered Mario when this video cut out.

It’s a different kind of mushroom.

If you’re going to Instagram your dinner, it’s nice to mix things up.

This is just weird enough to eventually show up in a Nintendo game.

Luigi is bad at identifying animals.

Really, really bad…

Wario has jokes.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram

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