Man Hilariously Edits Quotes On Dove’s Chocolate Wrappers To Make Them More Honest (Photos)

Emily Arata

If you’ve had a bad day and need some chocolate to soothe your soul, you might not want to unwrap the placating messages inside of Dove Promises.

Connor Blacksher, the mind behind the Tumblr Dove Gets Real, shares that opinion. He scribbles over the sickly sweet messages, making them funny and relatable.

Scroll down to see Blacksher’s life truths.

On intelligence

On curves

On eye infections

On family

On budgeting

On farting in public

On relaxing

On driving

On being a loner

On the important things in life

On rhyming

On real pranks

H/T: Distractify, Photos Courtesy: Dove Gets Real

Emily Arata


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