Morgan Freeman’s Voice After Inhaling Helium Sounds Cooler Than You Could Ever Imagine (Video)

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If for some reason, God was sick and had to miss work, the number-one contender to replace him for the day would have to be Morgan Freeman. And, it’s not just because he’s already played God in “Bruce Almighty.”

There’s something about his presence — and more importantly, his voice — that has an uncanny ability to make you feel like everything is will be okay.

When I heard there was a video of Morgan Freeman talking after taking a hit of helium, I was ecstatic.

After all, the only thing better than Morgan Freeman’s voice is Morgan Freeman’s voice when it sounds like a lost member of Alvin and the Chipmunks. To call it a masterpiece would be the ultimate understatement.

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Connor Toole

Connor Toole is the Senior Humor Writer for Elite Daily, begrudgingly living in New York City and burdened with the daunting task of entertaining the discerning masses online (where he assumes everything is fake by default). He grew up in Connecticut (not the rich part) and graduated from Boston College, where he spent most of his time writing things on the Internet while majoring in a topic he didn't realize he hated until he earned the necessary credits. Standing at 6' 10", he is required by Giant Law to utter "Fee-fi-fo-fum" whenever someone asks him to. His interests include Mark Ruffalo. Feel free to contact him at as long as you aren't annoying.

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