This Is, Hands Down, The Best Way To Sell Advertising Space (Photos)

Connor Toole

While Madison Avenue is occasionally capable of coming up with original marketing campaigns, the common consensus is that advertising sucks.

If this wasn’t true, nobody would have Adblock installed and we wouldn’t have to worry about advertisers forcing their products into our favorite shows.

A lot of people have learned to tune out ads, and as a result companies are forced to think of increasingly creative strategies to capture the consumer’s attention.

This campaign from Y&R Not Just Film used a progression of photos in an attempt to solicit advertisers for a vacant space, and you should be able to see why they eventually succeeded.

The ads won the coveted Clio award a few years back, proving that holding the public hostage isn’t just a strategy for supervillains anymore.

Just a guy standing next to a wall. Nothing strange here.

Oh, he took his shirt off. Perhaps it’s hot outside.

That certainly progressed quicker than I had anticipated

Can they actually show it? I don’t think they can actually show it.

Way to ruin the surprise, Radio 2. I guess now we’ll never know.

Photos Courtesy: Imgur

Connor Toole


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