For Some Reason, You Can Now Buy Peaches Wearing Sexy Underwear In China

Connor Toole

If I were to tell you that there’s an Asian country that sells peaches wearing women’s underwear, there’s a certain island nation that would probably be the first place to spring to mind.

However, it would appear that the Japanese have just been one-upped by their neighbors to the east because China is the place to buy all your lingerie-wearing fruit.

According to Kokatu, vendors in China are offering a specially prepared peach called Ripe Fruit, which originates in a region known for superior garments and produce.

Retailers are taking advantage of a seven-day festival that has been called “Chinese Valentine’s Day” (no one said it was an accurate name), charging 498 yuan ($80) for a box of nine peaches.

While there are currently multiple retailers selling Ripe Fruit, a man in the city of Nanjing has applied for a patent, which will surely protect his product because no one in China has ever capitalized off someone else’s intellectual property before.

It’s not entirely clear if these sexy Edible Arrangements are meant to be purchased as gifts or if lovelorn Chinese bachelors are the target audience.

Finally, here is a relevant scene from “House of Cards”

H/T: Kokatu, Photos Courtesy: 农业博士

Connor Toole


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