Russian Basketball Coach Makes Play Of The Year [Video]

Russian Basketball Coach Makes Play Of The Year [Video]

Max G.

One of the most entertaining highlights of the basketball season did not come from the NBA, but rather the Russian basketball league. In this video, this  Russian basketball coach may have just made the play of the year.

The following video shows a team swinging the ball around the perimeter, in order to get an open shot.

Unfortunately, the second man to pass the ball thought his coach was one of his teammates, firing the ball in his direction.

The coach, without thinking, sent the ball to the player in the corner, at which point, the player fired a 3-pointer, sinking the shot.

Since the ball went out of bounds when the coach caught it, the shot did not count, but the coach’s quick actions provided an awesome highlight, as he nonchalantly went back to his position as coach after his interaction on the play.

Check out the video below!

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