‘Selfies At A Funeral’ Tumblr Takes Selfies To A Whole New Low

‘Selfies At A Funeral’ Tumblr Takes Selfies To A Whole New Low
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WTF, is this for real? Sadly, it is.

It’s  been pretty well documented how much people love taking selfies. I feel like I can’t go on my Facebook anymore without seeing picture after picture of awkward people staring directly at me, making duck and kissing faces.

But selfies have officially hit a whole new low. If you thought selfies were bad, how about taking them at a funeral!? That’s right, people are taking selfies at funerals and posting them on social media. It’s an insane new trend that everyone’s talking about that will hopefully come to an end, for the sake of humanity…

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You just can’t make this stuff up…

H/T: Uproxx via Tumblr

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