Guy Pranks GF For Snooping On His Phone And She Freaks The F*ck Out (Video)

This might be the meanest prank I’ve ever seen.

A Czech guy suspected his girlfriend was snooping on his phone.

In order to catch her in the act, he sent a photo of himself with a girl who was pretending to be his side piece.

His girlfriend looked on his phone as expected.

But, what wasn’t expected was her reaction. She went absolutely bonkers.

She packed a bag, stabbed his TV with a pair of scissors and stormed out of his apartment.

Soon after, the guy caught up with his girlfriend and explained it was all a prank, but she was still completely upset. And I have to say, I don’t blame her at all.

Check out the main video above and watch the one below to see the aftermath of this cruel prank.

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