Steve Buscemi And George R.R. Martin Help John Oliver Tear Apart Dr. Oz (Video)

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Though there have only been a few episodes of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” so far, the show has already gained a reputation for its consistently in depth and well-thought out coverage of major events from the preceding week.

On this week’s show, the former “Daily Show” correspondent turned his gaze to Dr. Oz, the television personality who recently testified in front of Congress to defend the way he portrays and promotes vitamins and natural cures on his syndicated talk show.

In a 15 minute rant, Oliver goes off on the doctor for his less than ethical approach to entertainment in which he shamelessly panders to a gullible audience despite knowing very well that many of the claims he makes on a daily basis are wholly unsubstantiated.

Oliver obviously understands how the television industry works, but he also knows the dangers of abusing the power you’re given as a host.

After all, it’s very possible to pander to your audience without deliberately misleading them — a fact that Oliver attests to when he followed up his Skype interview with “Game of Thrones” author George R. R. Martin by having Steve Buscemi tap dance across the stage.

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