TBT: The 21 Things Every Kid Hated About Halloween Growing Up

Tyler Gildin

It’s officially October, and you know what that means: Halloween is coming!  Halloween — the classic American holiday when we dress up like idiots running around from door to door, asking complete strangers for candy — was a major part of most of our childhoods.

But as much as we loved Halloween growing up, there were plenty of things we didn’t like, too! Whether it was our parents’ rules, our unfriendly neighbors or the costumes we chose, we always found something to complain about on what should have been the happiest day of the year.

Here are 20 things we hated about Halloween as a kid:

When you came across that one house that gave out apples

When your parents would take away some of your candy

When the older kids would throw eggs at you

When your parents made you take 100 pictures in your costume

When your parents insisted on coming trick-or-treating with you

 When you got sick from eating too much candy too fast

When you saw someone wearing the same costume as you

When your parents made you take your awkward cousin trick-or-treating with you

When your friends made you watch scary movies

When it would rain and you couldn’t go trick-or-treating

When you rang a neighbor’s doorbell and got attacked by their dog

When you rang a doorbell and they ran out of candy

When you were convinced your creepy neighbor was actually a witch


When your parents bought you the most embarrassing costumes

When you couldn’t eat candy that year because you had braces

When you had to be home early because your friend had a curfew

When your bag of candy broke and you lost everything

When people didn’t answer their doors

When your friends made fun of you for being scared of a haunted house

When you didn’t know how much to take when someone just left a candy bowl outside

When no one came trick-or-treating at your house


When you were scared to go trick-or-treating because you thought you’d see more dead people everywhere

What? Just Haley Joel Osment?

Tyler Gildin


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