The 25 GIFs That Perfectly Describe You Smoking A Blunt

Julian Sonny

While many people may label stoners as lazy, there’s a lot more that goes into getting high than meets the eye. And for those of us who toke up regularly, we know how what might seem like a simple task can turn into a full blown mission.

Smoking a blunt doesn’t just happen with the flick of a wrist. There are protocols and standard operating procedures that we must adhere to in order to reach one common goal: get wildly smacked.

From copping, to rolling, and not to mention, all of the post-smoking endeavors you subsequently get into, you can see why half of your day suddenly disappears. But, that’s the price we pay to enjoy a little of God’s greatest gift to mankind.

And for those of you who aren’t familiar with this lifestyle, allow us to simulate your blunt smoking experience. There will be highs, there will be lows, and there will be hunger.

When you hit up your friends to see who has 5 on it

When you’re on the phone with your dealer

When you do the exchange with your dealer

While your waiting for your friend to finish rolling up

When you realize you don’t have a lighter

When no one’s trying to get a lighter

When you finally take a couple hits and start getting smacked

When someone starts going on a rambling tangent while holding the blunt

When someone messes up the rotation

When the blunt starts to canoe

When you get towards the end of the blunt and start getting paranoid

When you’re finished and realize how high you really are

When you feel like you’re too damn high to be outside

How you think you look

How you actually look

How you feel on the inside

When you start to feel weird about the sh*t you said earlier in the day

When you feel like everyone knows you’re high

What you would do for a sip of anything

When you realize you’re actually just hungry

When it takes you 30 minutes to decide what you want to eat

When it takes you two minutes to eat

When you feel like absolute sh*t after eating

When you realize that smoking another blunt is the only solution

When you hit up your friends to see who has 5 on it

Julian Sonny


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