The GIFs That Perfectly Explain How Terrible New York City Smells In The Summer

Preston Waters

It’s hardly a secret, and if you’ve been living in New York City for some time now, you must already know that from the 4th of July weekend up until around Labor Day Weekend, our glorious city – often touted the best city in the world — smells like absolute sh*t. You would think a place with such a fantastic reputation would have a scent that correlated with its grandeur, but instead it’s actually the complete opposite.

If you blindfolded someone and led him through the middle of New York City, some time around July and asked him where he thought he was, he might say it smells like the slums of Jersey…and that’s not a compliment. It’s safe to say that the extraordinary summer heat (which climbs to 100 degrees) and the mix of humidity and black top all add up to give us the scent of absolute garbage. Isn’t Manhattan supposed to be an island? Where the hell is the smell of fresh coconut and palm trees?

For those who know this city for a long time now, you may have noticed that this smell, which we are forced to breathe and to pay the highest taxes in the country for, has actually been getting progressively worse and worse every year. At this point, Tom Ford might as well start coming out with luxury gas masks and using Kanye West to market it — since he does consider himself the next Steve Jobs.

The combination of the bums, dirty sidewalks, overpopulation, garbage, Chipotle, halal stands, the subway (which practically smells like a factory), piss, French tourists, soul cycle for the homeless on Citibikes, social climbers, sewage and people who go to AC on the weekends gives us a smell that is almost unfathomable. Here are the GIFs that perfectly explain how bad it really smells in the summertime in New York City — also known as the smelliest city in the world.

How you feel when you enter the subway station on a steamy morning.

Being in a crowded subway cart with no air conditioning.

When you’re really unsure of where that smell is coming from.

When a Chipotle air vent smacks you in the face.

Here is what the women of the Upper East Side think….

When you take a one-night stand home after sweating in the club for five hours.

When two homeless men occupy the same subway cart.

The look on your face when the cab driver doesn’t shower during the summer days.

When you realize even the beautiful woman in front of you reeks by 5PM.

At least the stench of the city gives you the freedom to let one rip.

What is feels like when you’re sweating profusely and an A.C. vent just dripped on you…

What it feels like when you smell sewer steam in 90-degree weather.

The only way to combat the smell coming from outside your apartment.

Your reaction when you see and smell other drunk people throwing up on a hot night — it’s contagious.

The only way to diffuse the smell of summer streets.

Preston Waters



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