How Rave Culture Has Transformed Over The Years

How Rave Culture Has Transformed Over The Years
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Throughout the course of time, the rave culture has changed dramatically. You can trace its roots from the 70s, where people were mostly hippies and embracing the golden age of drugs and rock and roll. If you look at the EDM concerts now and you look at Woodstock from 44 years ago, they look almost exactly the same. A giant sea of people, on drugs, most likely not even knowing their names and raging to the music they love to hear.

Of course through time, things change. The 70s and 80s were dominated with the feel-good music known as Rock and Roll. Smoking marijuana was a cool thing to do and cocaine didn’t really begin to become popular in the rave culture until the mid 80s. The 90s and into the majority of the 2000s were dominated with hip hop, which brought a different feel to music. And now in the golden age of raving and raging, we have been blessed with the feel good music of EDM.

This type of music has changed the rave culture. The new hot drug now is molly, if you’re not taking molly at these things — you’re not fitting in. You have to dress like a complete idiot and the dancing has gone from grooving to fist-pumping. But change is a part evolution and these photos below perfectly portray the change in the rave culture from the 90s up until now. Enjoy and try not to laugh too hard.


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