The Saga Of El Carlos Danger

Tyler Gildin

The name is Danger, Carlos Danger…. want to see my enchilada?

It was revealed yesterday by gossip blog The Dirty that former congressman and current  New York City mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner, has been sending out more scandalous dick-pics — this time under the alias of Carlos Danger. That’s right, Carlos Danger.

If Anthony Weiner wasn’t already enough of a punchline, he sure is now. Somehow he claims still to be staying in the race for Mayor, though I don’t see how anyone is going to vote for him. Would you?

Apparently if he doesn’t win the election, he might star in a Showtime spinoff…

Or serve the city as a superhero….

Protecting his adoring fans…

Before retiring to the beach…

Want to come up with your own random, creepy alias you can use online to prey on innocent young girls!?? (what?) Here’s a link to a site that generates these types of random names.

Apparently my name is Julio Cesar Distress! I can work with that.

Tyler Gildin


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