Someone Had The Brilliant Idea To Turn A Hot NYC Subway Platform Into A Spa (Video)

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The 34th street subway station in NYC just got way more interesting.

In the summer, the subway is a nightmare. There are too many people and too few — and by too few, I mean zero — ways to get fresh air. As you eagerly await your normally air-conditioned train, the heat of the subway traps you in a sweaty inferno blanket. It’s terrible.

Improv Everywhere has combated this heat by turning the 34th street NQR station into a spa. And people actually participated.

Members of Improv Everywhere set up hot stone treatments, saunas, towels and a huge bucket of iced citrus water. Some people comment on how “unusual” the whole thing is, but others seem to love it.

Personally, I’d never, ever let anything besides my feet or maybe my butt touch any part of a subway train or subway station, ever. But to each his own.

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