These Photos Of Famous People Wearing Juggalo Makeup Are Only Slightly Terrifying

Connor Toole

Photoshop is a magical invention, capable of serving as an invaluable tool for serious professionals while managing to remain accessible to amateur graphic designers with far too much time on their hands. That second part is the real reason I love it so much.

To illustrate my point, I direct your attention to these photos of celebrities wearing Juggalo makeup, an aesthetic popularized by fans of the Insane Clown Posse.

According to the person who posted these images to Reddit, the pictures are the result of lots of spare time, a slight obsession with celebrity culture and a fair amount of perseverance.

“Well done” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

The Insane “Seinfeld” Posse

I know the Kardashians rely heavily on makeup, but this seems like overkill

It’s called a “visual metaphor”

Still hot

Definitely still hot

This is either Oprah or a member of KISS

Nothing washes down a turkey leg better than a bottle of Faygo

This is actually Rob Ford’s Pagliacci costume

Tom Cruise adds a new tear every time 5 billion people stop taking his career seriously

I’m not sure why they included this one considering it’s just a picture of Geraldo Rivera before he puts on makeup

Photos Courtesy: Imgur

Connor Toole


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