Where Did It Happen: Florida Or Russia

Where Did It Happen: Florida Or Russia
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Now here’s a game you’ll never want to stop playing!

Attention Gen-Yers, today we introduce a new game to the world. A game, that once played, will change your life forever. A game that is so massive it spreads across four different continents. Today we present; ‘Where Did It Happen: Florida Or Russia.’

Here’s how you play: You take a crazy headline from either Florida or Russia, and the other person has to guess which country the headline is from. We know, it’s genius!  So without further ado, game on!

Man Broke Into A Barn, Killed Guard Dog And Raped Several Mini Horses



Answer: Florida

Man Jumps Off Roof Onto Homeowner, Knocks Television Over, Empties Vacuum Cleaner, Masturbates


Answer: Florida

Driver Smashes Into 17 Cars On Drunken Rampage, While Naked Behind The Wheel



Answer: Russia

Man Faces Five Years In Jail For Releasing Balloons Into The Sky For His Girlfriend



Answer: Florida

Police Hunt Cruel Donkey Owner Who Attached Donkey To Parachute For Sick Advertising Stunt


Answer: Russia

Warning Issued To Fat Police Officers To Lose Weight Or Get Fired



Answer: Russia

Man Forces Fiancée To Swallow Engagement Ring After She Tried To Leave Him



Answer: Florida

Doctor Caught On Camera Viciously Beating Heart Patient As He Lay Tied To An Intensive Care Bed


Answer: Russia

Teens Decapitate Homeless Man And Play Soccer With His Head



Answer: Russia

Woman Is Shot By Bullets Left In Her Oven While She Was Cooking



Answer: Florida

Thanks for playing! Tune in next time for ‘Where Did It Happen: Florida Or Russia’

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Tyler Gildin

Tyler Gildin is an NYC-based Stand Up Comedian and the Creative Director at Elite Daily. He is a Television Radio Film graduate from Syracuse University and performs at clubs and colleges all over the country. He’s been written up and interviewed in publications including Newsday, CBS New York, AOL Patch and SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio. He once forgot to wear his underwear to school in 4th grade, and his mom came and brought them for him in a manila envelope. His teacher opened it in front of the class.

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