Woman Live-Tweets This Couple’s Insane Breakup On A Delayed Flight

A breakup happening in real time on Twitter is without a doubt the most interesting thing this great planet has to offer.

I will go on record saying the combination of the Grand Canyon, the Great Pyramid of Giza and Niagara Falls is less entertaining than this series of viral tweets chronicling a couple breaking up on an airplane.

It all started with Kelly Keegs tweeting this photo.

She then started sharing snippets of their breakup conversation.

We’ve all been there. Lord knows we’ve all been there.

Kelly took a second to appreciate the gift that had been given to her…

…then quickly went back to tweeting.

There was a small break in the action…

…then right back to breaking up.

A new mystery character was added to the drama.

Then this random thing happened.

And all of a sudden, everything was peaches and cream again.

The whole Internet was seemingly watching this story unfold. It even started trending on Twitter.

Kelly made two post-breakup observations since the conversation went viral.

The major lesson to take away from this is don’t break up on a plane or the whole Internet will know.


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Eitan Levine