Elite Daily


Social Video Producer / Editor

Elite Daily is seeking an experienced Preditor who can research, produce, and edit their own short-form curated and or social documentary, news, and political videos for mobile-first news video platforms. Candidates must have previous work that demonstrates and proves skill set listed below.


  • Researching, planning, and developing stories
  • Procuring third party assets, such as archival footage or expert studies, to supplement stories
  • Writing script, headline, and article for videos
  • Editing, implementing motion graphic templates, coloring and mixing, and delivering per specifications.
  • Conducting interviews with subjects in person and remotely
  • Coordinating production schedule with subjects and crew
  • Being the point person and production coordinator out in the field
  • Outreach efforts to help reach widest audience possible

  • Strong background in Video Journalism
  • Ability to identify, vet, and pitch compelling original and topical stories, local and global.
  • Experienced video editor capable of quick turn-arounds, with multiple projects on your plate at any given moment.
  • Go-getter who can gains access into the lives and communities of a story.
  • Effective communicator and team player who will collaborate with┬áproducers, journalists and others to create stunning work.
  • Sharp writer able to effectively communicate story, character, and context through on-screen text.
  • Laser-focused, organized, and exemplifies meticulous attention to detail.
  • Working knowledge of integrating motion graphics and optimizing for┬ásocial┬ádistribution.
  • Deep technical understanding of codecs and versioning deliverables
  • High proficiency in Adobe Premiere and Media Encoder.
  • Proficiency in After-Effects and PluralEyes