Stop Hating! 10 Signs You’re A Hater And Need To Stop

Stop Hating! 10 Signs You’re A Hater And Need To Stop
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Hater: a word that can describe a myriad of people in Generation-Y. According to Urban Dictionary, a hater is someone who cannot find happiness for another person’s success. Haters are some of the most annoying people, as they always find a flaw in something positive.

It is time we realized that hatred is a weak emotion and that we shouldn’t concentrate so much of our energy to hate on someone. It is truly pathetic to be considered a hater. Just because you couldn’t do something that someone else successfully did, you have no right to hate on them. Just try harder next time.

There is no reason for anyone to hate, if you are insecure about yourself, then you should keep it to yourself. Just know there’s a fine line between a critic and a hater. Here are the 10 signs you are a hater.

You go out of your way to dig up information on other people.


If you go out of your way to research a person’s personal life aside from any social media networks, then you, my friend, are trying way too hard. You are already wasting too much energy trying to dig up dirt just to uplift your spirits. A hater likes to bask in the flaws of others just to quell his own insecurities.

You haven’t had to deal with the stress that comes with being successful.


If you don’t earn as much as the person you are hating on, then you just need to stop. Why are you wasting your time hating when you should be grinding? If you have time to hate, then you have time to put your God-given skills to work and earn yourself a living. It’s no one else’s fault but your own if you choose to devote your efforts to something that isn’t productive. No one makes a living off hating.

You rarely have anything positive or constructive to say about anyone.


There is a difference between constructive criticism and hating. A hater will never give constructive criticism because it is a way of making someone else better. The only reason haters would ever point out your flaws is because they want the other person to feel doubtful about what they are doing. That is why you should never let the comments of haters get to you because all they really want to do is bring you down to their level.

You’re more concerned about someone else’s success than your own.


Showing more concern for another person’s success than your own proves that you’re a hater. There is no other way to put it. Why would you be spending so much effort worrying about what someone else is doing just because you couldn’t do the same. Haters usually want to be in the position of the person they are hating on.

You don’t listen to Kanye.


This is simple, if you don’t like Kanye, then you’re just a hater. This man is a genius and his music is here to stay. If you say that you don’t enjoy Kanye’s music in the club and you’re one of those people who folds your arms and stands still when a Kanye song comes on, then there is no hope for you. Look yourself in the mirror and yell ‘STOP HATING.’

You’re not willing to adapt with the times.


‘Oh yeah I like 90s music because it’s way better than the garbage they play now.’ If you ever uttered these words, then you just think you’re too cool for everyone. You’re just trying way too hard to be different. Enjoy yourself in the present, don’t be one of those haters that think they know more than everyone because they think this era isn’t good enough for them. There is a reason why you were born in this era, so act like it.

You intentionally look for the negative details to discredit everyone’s story.


If out of a whole conversation, you pay attention to the few negative details and decide to highlight those details over the other ones, then you’re a hater. There is no way you should be spending that much energy to concentrate on people’s mishaps. It’s not cool and you should learn to give credit where credit is due.

You immediately discredit someone’s idea without really giving it a shot.


Everyone has a dream and an ideal image of success. Shooting down people’s dreams is a major red flag and it shows that you are a hater. What kind of person doesn’t want to see others achieve their dreams? You should probably spend less time looking at the flaws in someone else’s goals and go out there and find a goal of your own to achieve.

You never find happiness in other people’s success.


It is hard to be happy for someone who may have screwed you over to achieve a successful status and this is understandable. However if no one has negatively impacted your life and yet you still attempt to discredit their success, then you seriously need to stop hating. Why would you loathe someone who achieved something you couldn’t. Look up to them and figure out a way to do it for yourself.

You find extreme joy in exposing other people’s flaws.


These are the worst type of haters, as they are highly insecure, yet they always try to pick themselves up by putting others down. If pointing out other people’s mishaps gives you pleasure, then you really need to reevaluate your life. This type of person usually is a loner and it’s for a reason — no one wants to be around someone who finds revels in the trials and tribulations of others.

The moral of the story, if any of these points apply to you, take a seat and figure out a way to change the course of your life. No one wants to be known as a hater.

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